Hi, MITM co-founder JD Wilson here. As young kids, the odd way that my friend Nick and I used to play together was by producing, directing, and starring in feature-length “movies,” often with Mary, Nick’s sister, wearing a hat so she could play the part of several different “henchmen,” most of whom died quick and tragic deaths. We’d show the finished product at a gala “premiere” with our families as the audience.

They were bad. But, come on, we were kids! 20 years later, Nick and I grew up, got real jobs, and became roommates at the Jersey shore.

And then something happened. Hurricane Sandy hit. Like thousands of our neighbors, we lost power and electricity for 10 days. No internet, no cell phone, no tv, no anything.

It got us to thinking how we used to play without any of those devices when we were kids. Back then all we needed was our imaginations. Which we discovered, we still have!

So it hit me. We should write a play, I told Nick. And maybe it was cabin fever talking, but he thought it was a great idea. So we wrote a play. All we needed was a name. And then we thought of the perfect one…PL@Y! But it wouldn’t be just a play. We wanted there to be rock music too. It would be like a theater… rock show … opus. It would be a theaterockshopus!

Luckily our friends and MITM co-founders Dan and Connor, are in an awesome rock band. Along with their bandmates, Chris and Manny, the foursome makes up The Amboys, whose music is constantly on our iPod playlists. The Amboys agreed to come play a live set that would thematically and narratively match the drama onstage.

With the Amboys onboard, we reached out to Nick’s sister Mary, who has done an amazing job at marketing, promoting, and organizing past MITM events. She was psyched to be involved.

But we got the feeling that we needed something more… Dancing! Our friend Sarah assembled an amazing troupe of talented dancers from Let’s Dance Studios to perform choreographed dancing onstage to the music of The Amboys.

Then our friend Ali, our brilliant stage manager and seasoned theater veteran helped us bring together an amazingly gifted group of actors to play our characters.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle was the cause. Like all of our past MITM events, we wanted PL@Y to be both fun and philanthropic. So we decided to donate any and all of our proceeds after covering operating expenses to The Ashley Lauren Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides help and hope for kids with cancer.

So you’re probably wondering what PL@Y is about… Well we’re not gonna tell you. But suffice to say it’s an imaginative, creative, innovative spectacle for the whole family. PL@Y is about closing your laptop, and opening up your mind. Well, don’t close it up just yet.

Click here to buy tickets or the Buy Tickets link at the top of the page to see PL@Y on Nov 29th and 30th at the Algonquin Theater, in Manasquan, NJ. With just a couple of clicks you can make a lot of childhood dreams come true, including ours.

Thanks and make sure you remember to come out to PL@Y.

Be Well,
JD Wilson